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Recently I read an article about the hypocrisy of some firms that are making their clothes, leather goods and accessories in countries that people work as slaves due to the labor cost and at the same time they do sponsorships and donations to people who are in need. The article was giving as an example TOMS shoes. Made in China, where the hourly wage in $1.36  but they have the “one for one” politic (for every pair bought, they donate one.) In my mind this stand as hypocrisy. So, from the moment I read this article I cannot stop thinking about it. Great fashion companies have their factories in countries with poor wages in order to diminish their costs. In this way companies just take advantage from the poor people. That might sounds right in economic terms, but in social terms is completely wrong.

What about social responsibility of the corporations that we hear about the last years? When are we going to see some results?

After thinking a lot about it, I promised to my self to stop shopping from shops and brands that the garments are made in such countries and from now on I will shop only from small shops around Athens that everything is made in Greece or vintage shops were I can find things made in Italy, USA etc. This is a kind of atomic protest, I guess, and I will do this and advice all my friends to do the same to try make the companies understand that if they want to have their factories in poor countries they have to push the governments to improve the labor wages and other labor rights!

Have you ever think about it? Are you going to do the same? Tell me your opinion!


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