Interior Design

Vintage kitchen.

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Recently I moved into a new home. I had the misfortune to get kicked off my house by my roommate, a thing I learnt about 15 days before I had to leave the place. Well, I think it’s easy to guess that I paniced and suffered from a stress crisis! But thanks to my very very good friend, my best friend actually, I found the perfect place! She owns an apartment, which is really big (for one person at least) and vintage. I mean it is old but with some things fixed it is goind to be my perfect home (important difference, not my house, my HOME!!)

Right now I’m in the hunt of the perfect kitchen inspiration. I am thinking to paint the place and the cupboards, but I have no clue about the colours. Anyway, the pictures above are some of my favorite for inspiration! Vintage furnishining, flowers, white!! I love them!

All pictures via pinterest.


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