After so long…







1st pic: My hometown that I visited few weeks ago.

2cd pic: The fireplace I spend so many hours around!

3rd pic: A view I enjoy almost everyday!

4th pic: Nikon camera, H&M bag, Dior perfume, H&M gloves, my homemade knitted scarf and ready to go!!

5th pic: Mac spoiled me!

(All photos snapped with iPhone)

6th pic: Picture found on Little Plastic Horses that I find stunning!

It has been so long since my latest post here. I know. But my program is so hectic I’ve been so lazy! These months I enjoy time with my friends and all my beloved people! So sorry, but I’m not sorry for not posting! hehehe

Anyway, here are some snapshots I uploaded to my TWITTER profile lately. Make sure to follow me there, because obviously I spend more time twitting than bloging, but I will definetely change that! Stay tuned to see it!!


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