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Athens| A beautiful walk.












Today I wake up with a rather great mood for walks around Athens city center. So, as soon as I drank my much needed americano I found myself at the underground and on my way to Acropolis! I took the very same path I followed four years ago, the day I moved to Athens, at my very first walk to meet the city. Back then after I walked around Acropolis’ hill I climbed at a hill right next to Acropolis where you can see all the city. I sat there for hours… I almost forgot I had to go. I saw the sunset and then I left! Too bad that after that day I only go up there for a few minutes, just to admire the magnificent view, and then I leave. And even worst, too bad that I don’t go up there to see the sunset anymore. Anyway. I took some photos with my iPhone since I had forgotten the camera home (stupid me!) and I thought it would be nice to share them with you! I promise you that next I will have my camera with me and the quality of the photos will be much better!
What about you. Have you ever been in Athens? Have you seen these places?


One thought on “Athens| A beautiful walk.

  1. No matter how many times I’ve walked this way I honestly don’t think I’ll ever get bored of it. It’s like a different experience each time. Great photos by the way!!

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