The street.

DSC_0296 (2)


I have this view almost every morning, when I want to go down town Athens. Sometimes I stand at this bridge and I just watch the people and the traffic below. I don’t know why, but I think it is interesting to watch how people move in their routine.

Lately I am so into black and white pictures, so I want to apologize in advance for all my following posts!

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Train station.



Train stations always make me feel weird. In my mind, the train means either the arrival or the departure of someone special to me. The end or the begin of something. The stations, also, make me make up stories about the people I see around. Every time I think of a story about something or someone I want to take my camera out and start snapping! Does this happen to you as well?


Quick post.

Hello again! Here is a super quick post to share with you this picture I snapped using my iPhone while waiting for the train, a couple of minutes ago. Now I am off to have a much needed coffee with a good friend after, at least, 3 hours of walking around Athens with my camera on hand to snap Monday’s story! So stay tuned!!
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Changing colours.





Since with my Friday’s post I started my throw back to last summer and until I have time to walk around Athens with my camera for a project I am thinking for a long time, I thought it was worth it to post these pictures from a weekend in Agistri ( a small island about an hour sailing from Athens) last June where I went camping with some friends. These photos were shot while sun was setting, and I found really magnificent the colours of the sky and the sea at that time of the day.

As you may have already realise (from here, here and here and a whole lot of other posts!) I love the sun, the sea, the sky. It is hard to explain with words how I feel every time I look at the sky in the morning or during the sunset (these two are my favourite times of the day!) Or how I feel and I go get to visit my parents or spend some time in the beach with my friends. Or even how I feel during the winter when the sky is filled with clouds which are coloured in so beautiful pastels! I know, my perspective is so romantic, but I cannot help it, I live in Greece and we have a lot of sun, sea, clear blue sky or sky filled with beautiful pastel coloured clouds!! oh….


Endless blue.


This one is a picture I shot a weekend last May while I was at my hometown to visit my parents! The endless blue, the clouds, the sea, the sky. I am so in love with my country, Greece! And to tell you the truth I cannot wait for summer to come and go vacations around the aegean and ionian sea!

What are your plans about this summer? Are you going to come in Greece?