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Hello! A couple of months ago, a repeated circumstance changed my attitude about a lot of things and ofcourse my mood. Recently, I read a story I used to know and had helped me move on in the past. Instantly, it changed me again for the better. So I thought I had to share with you.

“In a convention once, there was a very known psychologist speaking. When he went up on the stage he was a carrying a glass of water up in the middle. Everyone was waiting that the man would ask if the audience believed the glass was half-empty or half-full. He never did this question. Instead, he asked what the weight of this glass of water was. Some people from the audience answered with numbers. And then he said, that this is not the answer. He said that the weight depends on how long you hold the glass. If it is for a minute it’s lightweight. If you hold this for an hour, it startes to become heavier. But, if you hold it the whole day then the weight become unbearable. Then he explained that the same happens with life as well. If you have a worry or something that embitters you, if you think about for little time, it teaches you. If you are thinking of it for some days, it makes your days blue. But, if you carry it your whole life, will make your life bitter and sadder. “

You may already know this story. However, I hope this will help you make your days brighter!

This picture was captured a few months back, while my bestie literally forced me to a walk around Athens to make me feel better!

Picture and editing all by me!



Hello again dreamers! Today I made a videofyMe account ( @bluescar) and I uploaded this video just to try it out! I recorded it some weeks ago while I was alone at the beach for my third swim of the summer! It is nothing special, just a raw video with my favorite music on (The adventures of Raindance Maggie by Red Hot Chili Peppers)!

Do you have a videofyMe account? Let’s follow each other!