Inspiration|Sunday morning.

the dreamer blog

the dreamer blog

the dreamer blog

the dreamer blog


How much I would love to be in my bed right now, under my blankets. (no, not really) I prefer my couch!

Maybe I should make a list of things I want to do in my life. Another list? I already have made a bunch of them.

I love my fireplace, And I love my couch. But most I love my coffee #coffee_junkie

It rained for two hours and all the streets have turned into rivers, seriously? North Europe, I bet, is laughing with us!

Have to set up a photoshoot with my friends. Definetely! They’ll love it! Or maybe they won’t.

Remember to #SMILE.

Oh, how much do I miss my family. Is the only thing I can think about.

I have to go for a run. Or to drink some rum?


Sorry. The above are just some thoughts of mine that I have the bad habit to write down in my tiny notepad. I write everything. About people I met, things I try, places I go. What makes me angry, what I love, who I love. What I hope, what my dreams are. And of course I write some of my conclusions about life today.

This notepad one day will get me in a lot of trouble, I know, because it has in it my true opinions and beliefs… Hope this day won’t be anytime soon!

I thought to scedule a post every Sunday, with inspiration pictures and some of my notepad thought, maybe? What do you think?

Oh, and all images are from PINTEREST! (Along with Tumblr are life savers!!! Don’t you agree?

P.S: When I wrote the last quote of my thoughts it was late in the evening, I am not a drunk, at least I think so…





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