My skirt.


And as I promised, here is the skirt I sewed (all by hand, took me 2 afternoons to finish) from the beautiful fabric I posted on instagram (@thedreamerblog). It’s not perfect, but I was too impatient to make it perfect. I just wanted to sew a skirt. Anyway, there is lot’s of fabric left that I intend to make good use of, so expect more soon.
If you are interested in some “how to sew…” posts, just comment below to let me know!!




It is raining non stop for the last three days. It supposed to be spring. Hello dear Weather.. Spring, remember?
So to fight my boredom I started to sew a skirt with an amazing fabric. If you follow me on instagram (@thedreamerblog) you can see it.
The image is from early March when I visited my family and my amazing cousin shot it for me! (Thank you Ele!!!!) If only I could be there right now!!
That’s all for now! Tomorrow I will show you my handmade skirt. Stay tuned!!


Light and shadow.



My ultimate tip when a street photograph is not as good as I wanted it to be is to turn it into black and white. Instantly the image looks so much more interesting. With this image, which I have for many weeks in my hard disk, I wasn’t really satisfied even after turning it into black and white. Although yesterday I read, in instagram (but I don’t remember the user who wrote it), that in street photography there is no bad light. So after that I somehow saw again this image and after looking at it for several minutes I ended up with the conclusion that I love it!! The shadows on the branches of the tree, the dark corner of the building with the sign, the sun light on the one side of the street. All of these reason make me love my image. Or maybe I love it because is my “baby”.

What do you think? Is it an image to love, hate or to just ignore? 

Can’t wait for your comments, they always make me a better photographer!

Interior Design, Photography

This door.


If only my home had this door… But it doesn’t.

Although my home doesn’t have this perfect door, it is my happy place, because in here (since it is also my “office”) the past year I have lived some of my favorite top 10 moments. I would love to show my place, but it is not finished yet! Maybe when I have everything in place I’ll show you my favorite corners! Would you want to? 


Hanging shoes.



In my opinion, you can find inspiration and things that trigers your imagination in the most unexpected places. So the other day while I was walking back home after a photography session with my bestie I just looked in the sky and saw these three pairs of shoes hanging on this electric wire. Who could possibly put them up there? Was that intentionally or part of a joke?

I love it either way and I feel extremely happy for not looking on the floor when I walk!