Almost empty street


It has been a while since my latest post here. Life goes too fast lately and I feel like I have to run sprints the whole time. It’s not that I have too many things to do. But with what happens with politics and economy lately in Greece, it’s like the disappointment I feel paralyses me. This is really bad, especially now. In fifteen days my exams start and I want to succeed in as many lessons as possible. It’s time to graduate from university. It’s time for me to go on.
So please forgive me if I don’t post a lot here for the next one and a half month! Although, you can follow me on instagram (@thedreamerblog) for daily updates!!
About the image now. It’s hard to count how many times every week I cross this street. Till last time I never thought to take a photo. But, last time I walk through it was empty. If you have ever been to Athens centre you know that traffic jam is an understatement. So I got the chance and stood in the middle of the street and here it is! A beautiful day in my city!!

by Anima