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Hey all! It’s a new week. A hectic one. Not only for me, but the whole Greece as well. A referendum has been announced and the propaganda is massive. So me and my friends felt the need to talk about it. We talk a lot about politics! But it was Saturday and we were all so bored of staying indoors to study the whole week thus we decided to have a drink. This is how I went to this roof garden bar for the first time in my life. It’s really well hidden. And I felt in love with this place and this is why I want to share some images I took with you!

the dreamer blog

Oh, and just look at the Acropolis’ view from up there!!

the dreamer blog

P.S: I was thinking that my next post should be about the greek crisis and the way the greek society experiences it, would you be interested? Let me know on the comment section!


Summer essentials

summer essentials

Bikini top: H&M/ Denim shorts: H&M

It’s the last Friday of June. In the nothern hemisphere the summer is just starting. In Greece we already had a few heat waves so far (thanks to greenhouse effect #not). Thus I decided it is time to talk a little about summer essentials. What I cannot live without. And the first thing I really need for summer is sunscreen. I dealt with acne for many years, four and a half to be exact, and I learnt the hard way the side effects of sun. Don’t get me wrong, I love sun, but I realised just every summer my skin would get worse, plus the more the sun the more the scars on my face. The only way to protect my skin was to find the best sunscreen for my skin type and Avène Cleanance is! And as we are talking about skin, what about some pumpering with face masks? YES please! It’s the necessary boost for your skin. I use the ones from H&M. And last but not least, WATER, WATER and WATER! No matter how much you pumper your skin or how frequently you use your moisturiser, water is the best thing you can to for your skin and your body as a whole.

Oh, let me not forget my lip butter from Korres! Wild rose is my favorite!!


Of course, bikinis and shorts are high on my list! When I was a teen I used to spend my summers dressed in bikinis and shorts only! Denim vintage look shorts are an addiction!

My headphones and tablet are always with me, beacuse I can’t live without music (even now I’m listening to music and singing #sorryneighbors). When it is summer and I’m stuck in the city (like now) I seek for inspiration and my tablet is my ultimate friend when I lay on my couch and I read all my favorite blogs on bloglovin or I roll down on instagram!

Also nail polishes are super fun to use on summer! I love every shade of blue and green, but I also go for grey or baby blue and nudes! Depends on my mood!



So now I am ready for summer!! Let me grab my starw hat and my sunglasses and of I go…

P.S Don’t forget to take with you your best smile!

Art., Photography

The art foundation

In between studying for my upcoming exams and job interviews I managed to drink a coffee with my friend  Joanna (pictured!) in my favorite neighborhood. There is this cafe we love because it’s an interior yard with three big trees and many rooms around. And the best is that the rooms from time to time host very interesting art project. Favorite cafe in my favorite neighborhood!!!

P.S: Did you noticed the pink and the black line in the right side of the images? It’s my iPhones camera that is scratched. Do you have any ideas of what can I do?