Couleur locale

the dreamer blog

Hey all! It’s a new week. A hectic one. Not only for me, but the whole Greece as well. A referendum has been announced and the propaganda is massive. So me and my friends felt the need to talk about it. We talk a lot about politics! But it was Saturday and we were all so bored of staying indoors to study the whole week thus we decided to have a drink. This is how I went to this roof garden bar for the first time in my life. It’s really well hidden. And I felt in love with this place and this is why I want to share some images I took with you!

the dreamer blog

Oh, and just look at the Acropolis’ view from up there!!

the dreamer blog

P.S: I was thinking that my next post should be about the greek crisis and the way the greek society experiences it, would you be interested? Let me know on the comment section!


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