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Oh, these eyes

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After taking a month off for my summer holidays I am back again. During my holidays I had the opportunity to spend some time with my beloved grandmother, who owns the face on the image. I like it very much to have long conversations with her. See has been through a lot so she has so many stories to say! Born in the ’30s, she has lived the World War II, a civil war, a dictatorship and now she lives the crisis. She has such a strong character. But if you see her beautiful, really beautiful, eyes you can see pain.
Pain you can also see if you look at the refugees’ eyes. The last week the world was shock from the images of little children drawn in the sea. But you know what, do you have to see the pictures to understand? Don’t you know that there is a war down there? Don’t you know who’s fault the war is? Don’t you know that people drown every day in the Mediterranean in the search of a better life for them and a better future for their children?
How did we make this world like this? How did we become so self centered?
You deserve a nice place to live and food to eat and clean water to drink and education and health care and happiness. But so does every person on earth.
I have a dream. That some day no child will have to starve again. That one day there will be no war somewhere on this planet. That some day people will start to ask for values that matter more than money.