Throwback to… history


Today’s post is a throwback. I have a ton of unpublished images from my summer holidays. I’ll probably never post most of them, because right now are not relevant with what happens in my mind. Except these ones.

I happen to have a quiet good knowledge of the world history. I believe that by knowing history one can have a better opinion about politics. And politics is a major part of our lives and has ever been like that.

So, I happen to have my favorite culture of all times, which is Minoan culture in Crete, Greece. It existed between 3000-1000 bc. Minoan culture was all about loving mother nature. Women and men where equal. Plus, art was beyond amazing! I mean, if you visit the archaeological sites in Crete (the most known is Knossos) you will understand.

But for now the images shall be enough.

Do you know anything about Minoans, something you admire, or even don’t like? Have you ever been in Knossos?

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Unexpected turn


Hello, here I am again! The past week was a difficult one, very very stressful. And what I do when I need to relax? Simple. I grab my dslr and go for a walk in the centre of Athens. My favorite neighborhoods are there. So, last Friday I took my camera, hopped on the metro and 20 minutes later I was at Acropolis station. I took a walk around Acropolis hill to Thisio, and while I was ready to go on my usual walk, I took a turn I never had before! I don’t even now in what neighborhood I ended at.

The point is I made it to relax, think of few things and now I feel brand new (almost)!

Do you have any tricks to relax?

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Cinemagraphs… My 1st attempt

water again

Hello there, today I have something a little bit different to show you! Lately I have fallen in love with cinemagraphs. For those of you who don’t know a cinemagraph is what stands between a still photograph and a video. Just google and you are going to find some amazing examples. Or go straight to where you can find some of my favorites! Mine (the one above) is not the best you could see, but don’t be harsh on me, I’m still learning!

Have you ever tried to make one? Which program did you use?

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Autumn in my hometown


Hello folks. Long time, no see , right? Well I tried a million times to write a post and post some of my pictures, but everything I had to post or say seemed to be so meaningless. I mean here in Greece every day rises darker than the day before. And so does in the rest of the world. Wars, terror, propaganda. Things that promote fascism. For me is so difficult to put my thoughts together. Refugees and immigrants drowning every single day in the search of a better life, airplanes exploding in the air due to bombs, children starving, violence all around the world, this deepening crisis in Greece and the rest of EU. And the saddest part? That are people that those things haven’t affect them so far, who cannot see how this will change their lives in the future, that say “You know what, not my business.”

Have we become so selfish as humanity? Is this the best we can think for our future? Is this the best we want?

So as you can see this is my messy mind right now! So last week I visited my hometown for a couple of days. Just to breath some fresh air and put my thoughts in order (huge failure here!) So I shoot these images. I adore that my hometown is so full of colors even in autumn.

How does your hometown looks in autumn?

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