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Autumn in my hometown


Hello folks. Long time, no see , right? Well I tried a million times to write a post and post some of my pictures, but everything I had to post or say seemed to be so meaningless. I mean here in Greece every day rises darker than the day before. And so does in the rest of the world. Wars, terror, propaganda. Things that promote fascism. For me is so difficult to put my thoughts together. Refugees and immigrants drowning every single day in the search of a better life, airplanes exploding in the air due to bombs, children starving, violence all around the world, this deepening crisis in Greece and the rest of EU. And the saddest part? That are people that those things haven’t affect them so far, who cannot see how this will change their lives in the future, that say “You know what, not my business.”

Have we become so selfish as humanity? Is this the best we can think for our future? Is this the best we want?

So as you can see this is my messy mind right now! So last week I visited my hometown for a couple of days. Just to breath some fresh air and put my thoughts in order (huge failure here!) So I shoot these images. I adore that my hometown is so full of colors even in autumn.

How does your hometown looks in autumn?

thedreamerblog2 thedreamerblog4 thedreamerblog5 thedreamerblog6



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