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Dead trees


Last week I posted these images here on the blog and talked to you about how I enjoyed walking in the fields around my home last time I visited my hometown. The truth is that I started this walk in order to find my little paradise, which is a field full of orange trees. When I started to go there I had all these beautiful memories of the green leaves and the orange fruits. I was expecting to shoot a story in that field and I even had in my mind the way I wanted every shot to be.

At some point, and after I had already shot the images of the previous post, I started wondering if I had taken the right path. Everything seemed so strange and spooky and I was thinking that I possibly was lost. You see, I ended up in this field with all the dead trees around, with no green leaves (actually no leaves at all), and the colors I remembers  were nowhere to be found.

Then, after several minutes, I realized that I wasn’t lost. This is the place were few years back and during my childhood beautiful oranges trees were standing colorful and proud. After I shot these pictures I went back home and I asked what had happen. My parents told me it was some kind of a disease.

I am really sad that I will never get to see the field I remember again, and instead there is going to be this place that is like from Alice in wonderland (maybe?) But at least I had lived some of my most beautiful memories there and I have these!

thedreamerblog1thedreamerblog3 thedreamerblog4 thedreamerblog5


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