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The move


 It is time… Time to pack my bags and put all my life in boxes -again. First time I ever had to move was when I got into the university and from my hometown I had to move in Athens. Then after spending three years in my little apartment hole, I moved again to a brighter apartment which came with a roommate and it was not such a bright idea afterall. So I moved again to an apartment that from the first day felt so much like home. It was two floors away from my best friend and it was close to my university where I wasn’t sure what I was still doing there, but I hoped being so close would helped me graduate. It obviously didn’t, since I’m complaining about it too much and too often. But one day very soon I will graduate!
Anyway, after spending a year in that apartment, my boyfriend and I decided to move in together and I had once again to pack my life since I moved in to his bachelor apartment, which with a few changes looks better now! And right when this place started to feel like home, well, guess what… I move again! No, I didn’t break up with him. We are just moving on. Not into marriage, but into a 2-member family.
We already are this family thing, but after his cancer experience and the chemo, we want to just go away from Athens. So now it’s time to move into his little hometown (120 inhabitants little). it is a huge step and a very difficult one, because from there there is no comeback. But I feel more than ready to do it. I got tired of Athens and it’s traffic. I got tired of spending hours into buses and trains just to go have some coffee with my friends. And I need to wake up in the morning and breath fresh air.
The funny thing is that the things I find most annoying into my home are the ones I will miss. For example this picture of a child somewhere in Africa (I think), that is hanging on our bedroom wall and I used to hate because I sort of think it’s creepy, I know I’m going to miss it.
So let’s now see what exciting things are waiting for us in Crete!!


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