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#365DaysChallenge| Week 3

Day 15Day 15: In the beautiful alleys below Acropolis.

Day 16Day 16: Buildings with no roof in downtown Athens.

Day 17Day 17: The hospital windows. Fun fact: When you stand close to the window even if you are not afraid of heights you get really dizzy!

Day 18Day 18: Constructions at Piraeus. The new metro station is on it’s way.

Day 19Day 19: The halls.

Day 20Day 20: It’s so hot today in Athens that I dream of sailing and swimming. Why is summer here already?

Day 21Day 21: Pigeons sitting on electric wires.

     Hello peeps! Here is the 3rd week of my 365 days challenge. I know I should have posted last Friday, but sometimes the hours in one day (or a whole week in this case) are not enough.
     Now and for the next few weeks I have plenty of free time and I’m super excited since I started watching Zanita’s online courses about photography and at the same time I’m trying to plan for the months ahead a few projects for the blog! Yay!
     If you have watched Zanita’s courses let me know what you think in the comments and if there is any other online course it worths the time just tell me!
      See you again in a few days! Bye!

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#365DaysChallenge| Week 2








Hello!! Here is the second week of my 365 days challenge I have started on instagram (if you want to know more visit my previous post).
To be honest, there were some days that it was extremely difficult for me to shoot an image and post it, because neither I had somewhere to go nor something interesting to show. But I am very happy with the result of this challenge so far.
This is all for now. Let me know if you like my images and if you find a self-challenge like that useful for a photographer.

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#365DaysChallenge| Week 1

The arcadian girl Day1Day 1: Reflections on my window.

the arcadian girl day 2Day 2: While walking up the mountain. What a beautiful day it is today! It is the first day with sun this week.

the arcadian girl day 3Day 3: Walking in the Athens center.

the arcadian girl day 4Day 4: Doing some sightseeing or, to be more accurate, having my coffee in front of the Ceramicus ruins in the Athens center.

the arcadian girl day 5Day 5: Sitting in the hospital waiting room is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life.

the arcadian girl day 6Day 6: A candid shot from Syntagrma square.

the arcadian girl day 7Day 7: Does the weather synchronizes with our mood or, maybe, the opposite?

     As you already know, if you follow me on instagram (@thearcadiangirl), I have started a 365 days challenge! In a few words this means that every single day for a full year I will post an image on Instagram. I have started since last Thursday, and since it’s already a week I thought to post all the 7 images here. Just to let you know that I didn’t forget the internet, haha.
     I just have a lot of things going on in my personal life right now that the time for myself is actually really limited. I would love to share with you, but there is nothing cheerful to be said. However, since I promised to myself that I won’t let anything stand between me and my passion for photography, I thought of this challenge, to be forced to work more on my skills.
I would be glad if I had you by my side, giving me feedback and shake me up every time I get a little lazy. So, follow me on Instagram @thearcadiangirl, and if you don’t use the app don’t worry, I will also post here once a week (probably every Friday) a weekly roundup!

Hopefully by the end of this challenge there will be some improvement!

     Do you think that this challenge, if I stick with it of course, will help me become a better photographer?
Have you done anything similar? Any other challenge maybe?