My skirt.


And as I promised, here is the skirt I sewed (all by hand, took me 2 afternoons to finish) from the beautiful fabric I posted on instagram (@thedreamerblog). It’s not perfect, but I was too impatient to make it perfect. I just wanted to sew a skirt. Anyway, there is lot’s of fabric left that I intend to make good use of, so expect more soon.
If you are interested in some “how to sew…” posts, just comment below to let me know!!

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Good morning guys!

Really sorry for the radio silence, but there are not enough hours in the day to do all the things you have to and all of those you want to as well. But let me tell you som eof my news…

Being unemployed for the past one and a half wear and with the unemployment rate being over 25%, which means I will never find a decent job where they won’t treat me like a slave, I was trying to figure out what to do, so I’m not a burden to neither my parents nor my boyfriend. And one night, while I was kniting next to my fireplace suddenly I got it! And the big news is that I am open my own online shop to sell my hand made knits!! I am so excited! In the beginning of the next year everything is going to be ready!

Of course I am not going to stop posting here and I also have more projects here to come as well! You will very very soon find out more! So stay tuned!

PS If you have any suggestions on whether I should use Etsy or Tictail or Ebay just let me know!


Knitting obsession.

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Well, I know it has been a long time since my latest post in which I published my own photography projects. I know. In my defence it was raining none stop these days and I do not own a studio (for now) so my work depends from weather. Although today the sun is shining again. But, right now I suffer from a severe kniting obsession which makes me stay on my couch all day long surrounded with packs of yarn!

In fact, today’s post is to ask you if you have any cool tips, or if you know any cool website for knitting, or if you would want me to make some posts about kniting. So let me know!!

All pictures are, again(!), from PINTEREST!