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The move


 It is time… Time to pack my bags and put all my life in boxes -again. First time I ever had to move was when I got into the university and from my hometown I had to move in Athens. Then after spending three years in my little apartment hole, I moved again to a brighter apartment which came with a roommate and it was not such a bright idea afterall. So I moved again to an apartment that from the first day felt so much like home. It was two floors away from my best friend and it was close to my university where I wasn’t sure what I was still doing there, but I hoped being so close would helped me graduate. It obviously didn’t, since I’m complaining about it too much and too often. But one day very soon I will graduate!
Anyway, after spending a year in that apartment, my boyfriend and I decided to move in together and I had once again to pack my life since I moved in to his bachelor apartment, which with a few changes looks better now! And right when this place started to feel like home, well, guess what… I move again! No, I didn’t break up with him. We are just moving on. Not into marriage, but into a 2-member family.
We already are this family thing, but after his cancer experience and the chemo, we want to just go away from Athens. So now it’s time to move into his little hometown (120 inhabitants little). it is a huge step and a very difficult one, because from there there is no comeback. But I feel more than ready to do it. I got tired of Athens and it’s traffic. I got tired of spending hours into buses and trains just to go have some coffee with my friends. And I need to wake up in the morning and breath fresh air.
The funny thing is that the things I find most annoying into my home are the ones I will miss. For example this picture of a child somewhere in Africa (I think), that is hanging on our bedroom wall and I used to hate because I sort of think it’s creepy, I know I’m going to miss it.
So let’s now see what exciting things are waiting for us in Crete!!

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Dead trees


Last week I posted these images here on the blog and talked to you about how I enjoyed walking in the fields around my home last time I visited my hometown. The truth is that I started this walk in order to find my little paradise, which is a field full of orange trees. When I started to go there I had all these beautiful memories of the green leaves and the orange fruits. I was expecting to shoot a story in that field and I even had in my mind the way I wanted every shot to be.

At some point, and after I had already shot the images of the previous post, I started wondering if I had taken the right path. Everything seemed so strange and spooky and I was thinking that I possibly was lost. You see, I ended up in this field with all the dead trees around, with no green leaves (actually no leaves at all), and the colors I remembers  were nowhere to be found.

Then, after several minutes, I realized that I wasn’t lost. This is the place were few years back and during my childhood beautiful oranges trees were standing colorful and proud. After I shot these pictures I went back home and I asked what had happen. My parents told me it was some kind of a disease.

I am really sad that I will never get to see the field I remember again, and instead there is going to be this place that is like from Alice in wonderland (maybe?) But at least I had lived some of my most beautiful memories there and I have these!

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Thinking| Life nowadays


Today I decided to talk to you about a conversation I had with my friends last week. It all started when I arrived at the cafe and I asked “how are you doing?” and the only answer was “shit, what about you?” and, unfortunately, my answer wasn’t much different.
This triggered a conversation about how everyone we know answers the same way, not just because, but because things in our life in Greece and on this planet we’ve created suck. Yes, suck! I’m not going to write once again about wars that happen because a few rich guys are going to have huge profits or about financial crisis that a few rich guys, again, created to have profit, again. But I’m going to talk how about me and my friends that are mid-twenties, late-twenties and early-thirties, see no opportunities in life. And, no. It’s not just me and my friends this way. I can’t say that I have bad influences around me.
My friends are either unemployed or working for almost 16 hours a day, 7 days a week (it’s not a joke!) and both sides have no personal life. The first ones have no money, the seconds have no time and no energy to even have a life. Both sides live with their parents because neither them nor their parents can afford staying in different homes. Where is the prospect in that?

We all try to not fall into depression. We think that it is not just us, that is not something we did wrong, that we still have each other. But at the end of the day it feels like we are in a loop. Every day is the same, every month is the same. Every day we struggle to survive and we forget how to live.

There is no possibility in that. And the great quest now is, how the hell are we going to change anything?

Images from my visit in my hometown earlier this week.


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Autumn in my hometown


Hello folks. Long time, no see , right? Well I tried a million times to write a post and post some of my pictures, but everything I had to post or say seemed to be so meaningless. I mean here in Greece every day rises darker than the day before. And so does in the rest of the world. Wars, terror, propaganda. Things that promote fascism. For me is so difficult to put my thoughts together. Refugees and immigrants drowning every single day in the search of a better life, airplanes exploding in the air due to bombs, children starving, violence all around the world, this deepening crisis in Greece and the rest of EU. And the saddest part? That are people that those things haven’t affect them so far, who cannot see how this will change their lives in the future, that say “You know what, not my business.”

Have we become so selfish as humanity? Is this the best we can think for our future? Is this the best we want?

So as you can see this is my messy mind right now! So last week I visited my hometown for a couple of days. Just to breath some fresh air and put my thoughts in order (huge failure here!) So I shoot these images. I adore that my hometown is so full of colors even in autumn.

How does your hometown looks in autumn?

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Oh, these eyes

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After taking a month off for my summer holidays I am back again. During my holidays I had the opportunity to spend some time with my beloved grandmother, who owns the face on the image. I like it very much to have long conversations with her. See has been through a lot so she has so many stories to say! Born in the ’30s, she has lived the World War II, a civil war, a dictatorship and now she lives the crisis. She has such a strong character. But if you see her beautiful, really beautiful, eyes you can see pain.
Pain you can also see if you look at the refugees’ eyes. The last week the world was shock from the images of little children drawn in the sea. But you know what, do you have to see the pictures to understand? Don’t you know that there is a war down there? Don’t you know who’s fault the war is? Don’t you know that people drown every day in the Mediterranean in the search of a better life for them and a better future for their children?
How did we make this world like this? How did we become so self centered?
You deserve a nice place to live and food to eat and clean water to drink and education and health care and happiness. But so does every person on earth.
I have a dream. That some day no child will have to starve again. That one day there will be no war somewhere on this planet. That some day people will start to ask for values that matter more than money.

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Greek crisis. What are your thoughts when you think of this? “Poor Greeks”. “Greeks stole our money”. “Greeks are lazy”. These are some of the comments I hear from people from around Europe. Let me explain you why non of this is right.

Greece has a full history. 400 years of slavory, 100 years of war for freedom, 5 years war against the Nazis, 4 years of civil war,7 years of dectatorship. And all this is the modern history of Greece only. There are a lot of people who remember the butchery of women and children from the Nazis. My grandmother lost a couple of brothers in this war.

Anyway, as you can understand our ancestors had to fight a lot for freedom! And I am really proud of them! And our parents had to fight for their and our labor rights. And then on 2001 Greece enters the eurozone. Euro is our new currency and everybody believes that our problems are over. Well, ok, not everybody!

When we entered the eurozone some of the fiscal data were fake. But the EU leaders knew all about it and they still let us in. (Would it be too extreme to think there was a plan all this time?)

But we held the Olympic Games of 2004. You know, the Games returned home. What a dream! I remember the thrill I felt the first time I went to the Olympic stadium to watch a game and the olympic fire was on and all were just amazing. My mother was volunteering back then so I got to hang around a lot. It really was the golden days. Fake, yes, but everybody could live what Americans call ‘The American Dream”. You know, a car, maybe two, a home, vacations on the islands, good studies for the children and so on.

Then 2009 came. “We have a debt problem” the government said. We had to sign a memorandum with the so called Troika (a word to hate!). So to sum it up a bit, after 5 years of programs in Greece we count:

-6,000 suicides (due to economic difficulties)

-6,3 million Greeks are living in the limits of poverty (that means less than 980 euros for a 4-member family)

-650,000 children starve each day.

-30% unemployment, but 60% unemployment for the young people (under 35 years old)

-200,000 of economic immigrants

-586 euro the minimum wage (when my rent is 250 euros, the electicity, water and telephone is extra!) Of course education and experience is just in pros to get the job, not to get the proportionate wage. Plus, the full time jobs are so few nowadays.  

Oh, and for those under 25 years old is 15% off. (When I was not unemployed I was working 6 hours a day, 5 days a week and my wage was 320 euro!)

-All pensions have been cut. Some maybe even by half. Everytime I go to the super market there are old people outside aking for food. You know there is no more dishonorable thing than cutting pensions. These people can’t work, but they had been working for 35 years and paid all their contributions and taxes.

-The VAT has raised these years 4% . That means at least 4% more expressive everything.

-Every year since 2013 we have to pay tax for our homes. It is like we rent the houses we own, these houses we bought after years and years of work.

-There are people who have no homes anymore. Everywhere you go you can see people sleeping on the road. Homeless people that 5 years ago had a decent job, a beautiful home, a beautiful life.

-The education system is to cry for. The universities don’t have money. But the worst is that elemenatry schools, secondary schools, high schools don’t have even heat for the winter months. The schildren have to wear jackets and scarves and gloves during the lessons. Plus, if someone wants to enter to the univerity he has to pay tutorials for all 7 or 6 lessons in the final exams (the cost in more than a 1,000 euro per month, but as I said earlier the wage is 586 euro) 

-And the national healthcare system… I don’t even want to talk about it. We just wish we never get sick.

Do your country’s media show you the lines outside banks after this weekend? Yes? Were these past 5 years showing you people searching food in the garbage or, maybe, the lines for the free meals? Or the children passing out in the school? Or did they even bothered to show you the demonstrations and what the riot police was doing?

And now you are probably asking “but my country lended you money, where did these money go?” THE BANKS!  90% of the money we borrowed with the programs went to the banks! If you don’t believe me you can watch HERE the talk of a member of the Belgium parliament.

And now we have the chance to vote on a referendum and everybody in Europe is against it. Well, sorry but this is DEMOCRACY.

And I do not fear the “NO”. No to memorandums and no to extortions.

As Kazantzakis said “I hope for nothing. I fear nothing. I am free.”

The reason I started this post with a reference to the Greek modern history is because every time Greece falls is due to traitors. Not the Jon Snow style though. The modern traitors are the governments that tromped out dignity by voting almost 200 new laws in one night and non of them had read those laws (yes, this is what they said about memorandum no. 1).

V for Vendetta said “People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.”  I am waiting for this moment.

I am sorry if this was too heavy for you to read. I just felt the need to share with you. I hope my images from sunny Athens shot a morning some months ago from the Acropolis hill can make it up!

Although if you read the text, I would really appreciate any kind of comments. All opinions are accepted. You know, democracy!!

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When I came in Athens I started collecting euro cents. They always gathered in my wallet and made it look gigantic (seriously!) One day I thought that these are the money I never get to spend but always got as change. So I wondered what if I started collecting them and when I graduate maybe count them, just to see how much money I would lost if I throw tose away. I haven’t graduate yet, but last time I counted them were about 25 euros. It’s more than I was waiting for..

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Lately in my mind.

Shot yesterday with iPhone 4S

Long time no see, I know. My days lately are a complete mess. While I’m writing this, it’s 3 o’clock (am in case you are wondering), I’m lying on my bed watching my better half sleeping (he’s so perfect!) listening to music (the skints, brit band I can’t stop listening to!!) and unable to sleep due to horrible pain that no painkiller kills (irony, I know!) Last Monday I had one of my wisdom teeth removed in the shake of a beautiful smille. Big regrets!! A week after the pain is driving me crazy. You see I’m such a lucky dude that most of the time every single f***ing time what could go wrong, it will!! Like when I ordered my first Tod’s online and the parcel just got lost somewhere, now there have also been some complications with the mini-operation. So I’m completely transformed into a night owl zombie. Can’t sleep at night because the pain feels unbearable once sun sets and I’m sleepy allllllll day.

Camomile tea is my best friend at the moment and my thoughts my worst enemy. You see, now that I stay up all night my brain is just over working. I have reviewed each decision I made during the last year. Questions like why it is so difficult to sit down and study to graduate eventually, or why haven’t I finished unpacking my stuff yet since it’s been a full month from moving in with him (trust me it’s not because of second thoughts!!!) are trying to find their answers in what scientists would describe as (my) brain.

The conclusion I have ended in is that all comes from the only part of my life is so hard to fix. My personal life is better than ever, I mean I have found someone to share my days with who makes me want to be the better version of myself. I have great friends, an amazing family who supports me (big time!!), I know what I want to do in my life and what I don’t. But, and here is the situation I can’t deal with, I am more than a year unemployed. That means zero income and me being a burden to my parents and sometimes to him. For that I hate myself. In my 23 I am unable to find a job. That is mostly because the unemployment rate in Greece for young people is over 60%, but also because the pay is terrible and I value my time more. Now most of you may think that okay girl you could compromise if you don’t want to depend on your parents to pay your rent, bills and super market. I have thought of it a lot! But in Greece thanks to austerity (it’s irony of course) the average wage barely overcomes 400 euros when you are under 25 (it is 500 for those over 25) and I’m talking about more than 8 hours of work. And this is for the «lucky» ones, because you can only try to find half-time jobs (4 to 6 hours) for half money of course. And even if you made it to find a job, they treat you like you are disposable because you know what, there are a few hundred thousand out there ready to compromise better that you!

Is this the work life you are dreaming for yourself? Because it definitely is not what am I dreaming and what I want for mine. I never wanted money, expensive lifestyle, riches and all those things for my life. My biggest dream is to travel around the world carrying a backpack and my camera! (Am I dreaming too much? Maybe!)

Anyway, maybe it’s time to unpack those boxes!

Is my mind a chaos? Is there hope? What do you think?

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Some thoughts about last week.


Hello! Sorry about the radio silence last week, but I am really shocked of the events in Paris. I actually can’t believe that hate and racism have gone things so far. It’s unbelievable what atrocities can be done in the name of some god. Religions suppose to connect people, teach people how to love no matter the color, the nationality or the religion of the other. They suppose to teach peace. Instead, many many times in our human history we have faced wars in the name of god. But as Karl Marx said “Religion is the opium of the people”. So in the name of god or in the name of saving the world, I’m afraid, we are going to experience a lot of terrible things. I wonder, can we change that? 

Image and editing by me.


Then and now

The dreamer blog NEW YEAR

Oh my.. Is it 2015 already? Time flies! I’m not sure if I was ready for 2014 to end. I certainly had to wanted to do more things. One of them is (because it remains one of my main goals) to grow my blog more and spend more time creating quality content for you!  That also means I want to improve my photography skills! You know I have so many ideas, although most of them require the guts I’m not sure I have.

Despite the blog that I wanted to do more, I have to admit that this past year was a full one. Full of happiness, sadness, smiles, anger and beloved people. I learnt myself a lot better, I understood what I want and what I don’t. I now know how to deal with people who try to ruin what I have built (yes, unfortunately this happened to me) and I know who are my true friends!

But the great lesson 2014 gave mλe and I want to share with you is that even when things are not the way you expect them, you can always make the most out of it. You see, you can learn more about yourself or you understand who is really there standing for you, but there is always a positive thing to take!

So to end my 2014 review, I really want to thank each and every one who even for a second visited my blog, scrolled down and read even one post, took some time to comment on my blog… I can never explain how greatfull I am! I know that the choices of blogs to visit are countless and still you came over mine! You make me really happy!!

Now let’s move on to the new year and my resolutions! Yeay!This year I plan to focus more on photography and on the blog. I want to become the best I can! And I will try hard, I promise you this! I already enrolled at an online course! So, in 2015 I want to be more brave, overcome myself, learn the more I can and be the best person I can  (in one year time).

And of course I hope all of us in the new year to dare, to love, to laugh, to dream, to try, to do, to care, to claim what each deserves! And don’t forget to hate and cry the less you can!

Happy new year everyone!!

P.S Stay tuned this week, I will talk to you about some projects I have been planning! #newdreams

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