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When I was living in Athens I always had an urge to street photography. For me, it represents the most authentic style of photography. You capture a moment that happened only once and will never happen again. You cannot recreate it, you cannot ask for a repeat. You captured it, great; you didn’t, sorry but you had your chance. For that I admire so much those who have mastered the art. So far I’m not one of those. If I have a couple of “good” shots is due to luck. I know I could have a ton more, because I have many times regret for not taken a photo, but one needs guts to do so.

Anyways. Since I’m still in bed and spend countless hours of browsing through pinterest I thought it could be a good idea to share some inspiration with you.

All images are from Pinterest. I do not own any rights. If you happen you know the owner please let me know to give the credits.


Black n’ white

thearcadiangirl1 thearcadiangirl2 thearcadiangirl3 thearcadiangirl4

     As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m stuck in bed for a few days due to a medical condition. So I was wondering all this time. What can I do to be creative and productive? And then it hit me. I have a ton of images I shot during all these years I do photography, which I never published a) because I thought they suck b) because I was too lazy to edit and c) because I didn’t have a real editing program. So now that I cannot shot new images and have a lot of time -literally- and an Adobe Photography subscription -AT LAST!!!!- it’s time for me to go back, review all the photos one by one, choose the ones I feel I can do something with them, practice my editing skills and at the same time posting here, on instagram (@thearcadiangirl) and on pinterest (Stamina Scar) -btw, you should find in other social media and connect in more ways!-
     So my first few edited photos are these black and white. Who doesn’t love it after all? It’s like transfering to another time, like it’s giving this special feeling to the image. Plus it can make an image from okay interesting actually -and most of the time takes less time to edit. What can I do, I’m a pretty lazy person-.
     What do you think?


Light and shadow.



My ultimate tip when a street photograph is not as good as I wanted it to be is to turn it into black and white. Instantly the image looks so much more interesting. With this image, which I have for many weeks in my hard disk, I wasn’t really satisfied even after turning it into black and white. Although yesterday I read, in instagram (but I don’t remember the user who wrote it), that in street photography there is no bad light. So after that I somehow saw again this image and after looking at it for several minutes I ended up with the conclusion that I love it!! The shadows on the branches of the tree, the dark corner of the building with the sign, the sun light on the one side of the street. All of these reason make me love my image. Or maybe I love it because is my “baby”.

What do you think? Is it an image to love, hate or to just ignore? 

Can’t wait for your comments, they always make me a better photographer!


The street.

DSC_0296 (2)


I have this view almost every morning, when I want to go down town Athens. Sometimes I stand at this bridge and I just watch the people and the traffic below. I don’t know why, but I think it is interesting to watch how people move in their routine.

Lately I am so into black and white pictures, so I want to apologize in advance for all my following posts!

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Train station.



Train stations always make me feel weird. In my mind, the train means either the arrival or the departure of someone special to me. The end or the begin of something. The stations, also, make me make up stories about the people I see around. Every time I think of a story about something or someone I want to take my camera out and start snapping! Does this happen to you as well?