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Throwback to… history


Today’s post is a throwback. I have a ton of unpublished images from my summer holidays. I’ll probably never post most of them, because right now are not relevant with what happens in my mind. Except these ones.

I happen to have a quiet good knowledge of the world history. I believe that by knowing history one can have a better opinion about politics. And politics is a major part of our lives and has ever been like that.

So, I happen to have my favorite culture of all times, which is Minoan culture in Crete, Greece. It existed between 3000-1000 bc. Minoan culture was all about loving mother nature. Women and men where equal. Plus, art was beyond amazing! I mean, if you visit the archaeological sites in Crete (the most known is Knossos) you will understand.

But for now the images shall be enough.

Do you know anything about Minoans, something you admire, or even don’t like? Have you ever been in Knossos?

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Colours of Crete| Balos

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Hello dreamers! The radio silence has come to an end. I came back from my holidays on Crete on Saturday and after visiting my family I spent all night yesterday editing photos for the blog. So prepare yourselves for a serious amount of posts! Here is the first location I visited on early August.

It is Balos on the North-west side of Crete. It is one of the most mesmerizing places I have ever been to. The view from the montain, before you walk down to the beach, it is just breathtaking (this is why I recommend visiting by car and not by one of the boats, to enjoy the view!) Although I do reccomend visiting by car you have to be aware that the walking-down-the-hill and then up-the-hill is one of the most difficult things I have ever done . But still, it definetely worths and I would definitely do it again and again.

The water is crystal clear  (as you can see from my latest post here) and it is as cold as it has to be to cool you down in the heat of the summer. I was lucky enough to visit the place early in the morning, before the crowds of tourist come and fill the place!!

Hope you enjoy the pictures and stay tuned for more!!

All photos and editing by me.