Inspiration| Street photography

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When I was living in Athens I always had an urge to street photography. For me, it represents the most authentic style of photography. You capture a moment that happened only once and will never happen again. You cannot recreate it, you cannot ask for a repeat. You captured it, great; you didn’t, sorry but you had your chance. For that I admire so much those who have mastered the art. So far I’m not one of those. If I have a couple of “good” shots is due to luck. I know I could have a ton more, because I have many times regret for not taken a photo, but one needs guts to do so.

Anyways. Since I’m still in bed and spend countless hours of browsing through pinterest I thought it could be a good idea to share some inspiration with you.

All images are from Pinterest. I do not own any rights. If you happen you know the owner please let me know to give the credits.


Inspiration| Autumn

Being stuck in bed right now, with a temperature of 20 Celsius outside in mid November, is the last thing I wanted/needed right now.

Have you ever been to the point you have so many dreams and plans and then everything scrambles down like a tower of cards? And then you realise it happened for a good reason, but yet once again you are too close to lose everything for one more time? Well, I know that doesn’t even make sense, right? I hope that soon I’ll be able to explain everything.

Anyways, since I’m stuck in bed and I can do nothing else than change sides -doctor’s ordrers- I thought the best thing I can do is sprend hours on pinterest and find loads of inspiration for when I get back on my feet again, and why not share this inspiration with you!

Today’s search was all about autumn that hopefully will remember to come in my area too, unless we as humanity have already f***ed up the climate for good -scientists claim that we have and the worst;there is no turning back anymore-.

All pictures I found them on Pinterest -find me as Stamina Scar- and if you happen to know the owner message me to give credits!

Have a wonderful weekend folks!!


Flower flats





Hello hello!
Lately I’ve been following on instagram Anna Remarchuk (@annaremarchuk) that posts some amazing flower flats (none of the above belong to her, if you want to see what I’m talking about go check out her profile). The first time I bumped into one of her photos I thought that it was so beautiful. Now I’m totally obsessed. I had never given a thought on shooting flowers not in the ordinary way, in a vase or at a garden. But I now realise that it so creative!
Now I want to try it and do it my way. And I did a first attempt, that you can see at my previous post.  Although I’m not that much into ripping flowers, ’cause I love them to much. Well yeah, I’m that person who talks to the flowers. But don’t worry I don’t wait for an aswer. Haha.
Anyway, do you think it is interesting? Let me know in the comments below!

All images found on Pinterest


Colours of Crete| Balos

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Hello dreamers! The radio silence has come to an end. I came back from my holidays on Crete on Saturday and after visiting my family I spent all night yesterday editing photos for the blog. So prepare yourselves for a serious amount of posts! Here is the first location I visited on early August.

It is Balos on the North-west side of Crete. It is one of the most mesmerizing places I have ever been to. The view from the montain, before you walk down to the beach, it is just breathtaking (this is why I recommend visiting by car and not by one of the boats, to enjoy the view!) Although I do reccomend visiting by car you have to be aware that the walking-down-the-hill and then up-the-hill is one of the most difficult things I have ever done . But still, it definetely worths and I would definitely do it again and again.

The water is crystal clear  (as you can see from my latest post here) and it is as cold as it has to be to cool you down in the heat of the summer. I was lucky enough to visit the place early in the morning, before the crowds of tourist come and fill the place!!

Hope you enjoy the pictures and stay tuned for more!!

All photos and editing by me.

Photography, Thinking

A little story.

the dreamer blog
Hello! A couple of months ago, a repeated circumstance changed my attitude about a lot of things and ofcourse my mood. Recently, I read a story I used to know and had helped me move on in the past. Instantly, it changed me again for the better. So I thought I had to share with you.

“In a convention once, there was a very known psychologist speaking. When he went up on the stage he was a carrying a glass of water up in the middle. Everyone was waiting that the man would ask if the audience believed the glass was half-empty or half-full. He never did this question. Instead, he asked what the weight of this glass of water was. Some people from the audience answered with numbers. And then he said, that this is not the answer. He said that the weight depends on how long you hold the glass. If it is for a minute it’s lightweight. If you hold this for an hour, it startes to become heavier. But, if you hold it the whole day then the weight become unbearable. Then he explained that the same happens with life as well. If you have a worry or something that embitters you, if you think about for little time, it teaches you. If you are thinking of it for some days, it makes your days blue. But, if you carry it your whole life, will make your life bitter and sadder. “

You may already know this story. However, I hope this will help you make your days brighter!

This picture was captured a few months back, while my bestie literally forced me to a walk around Athens to make me feel better!

Picture and editing all by me!


Quick post.

Hello again! Here is a super quick post to share with you this picture I snapped using my iPhone while waiting for the train, a couple of minutes ago. Now I am off to have a much needed coffee with a good friend after, at least, 3 hours of walking around Athens with my camera on hand to snap Monday’s story! So stay tuned!!
Do you like this picture? Tell me!!