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If you are following me on twitter (@dreamerblogzine) you know that I’m stuck on my bed with high fever and sleepless. It so frustrating to have so SO many things to do and have the flu and being unable to do them!
But at least I can (still) get my thoughts together and write this post!
Since I was up all night and had plenty of time to spend with my phone, I was browsing on my iPhone photos and I realized how much more I love my iPhone camera shots than those I shot with my DSLR. And that got me into thinking why, and I thought it worths to share my conclusions with you!
When I first loved photography was back at the sweet age of 7 (maybe it’s because I don’t have a lot of memories from before that age…) when my oldest sister was ALWAYS with her camera ready. She convinced me somehow (and not in a negative way) that photography is about making memories immortal. But you cannot set up a moment nor a feeling. It all have to be spontaneous or, what I like more to say, an IMPULSE OF THE MOMENT!!
This is, in my opinion, why I love more my iPhone pictures! It takes a second to set a phone’s camera ready and it takes aaaaages to set a DSLR ready. So spontaneity is the key!!
What do you think? Leave a comment ’cause I really want to know your opinion about it!!

PS the photo is shot with my iPhone 4S, last Sunday while me and my man were visiting his grandparents! No edit applied!
Oh, and I have a special name for this time of the day! I like to call it the rose-gold hour!


Long time, no train.

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I was in the bus heading to meet some friends the other day, when I saw this spot and I thought I had to shoot! So I hopped off on the next stop, walked back and figured out that I did not have my dslr with me. So I used my phone with the promise to go back with my camera soon. This never happened so far, because everytime I pass through this point I am in a hurry. But I still want to go and shoot it.

P.S: Did you see the armchair in the middle of the rails?

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Quick post.

Hello again! Here is a super quick post to share with you this picture I snapped using my iPhone while waiting for the train, a couple of minutes ago. Now I am off to have a much needed coffee with a good friend after, at least, 3 hours of walking around Athens with my camera on hand to snap Monday’s story! So stay tuned!!
Do you like this picture? Tell me!!