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When I came in Athens I started collecting euro cents. They always gathered in my wallet and made it look gigantic (seriously!) One day I thought that these are the money I never get to spend but always got as change. So I wondered what if I started collecting them and when I graduate maybe count them, just to see how much money I would lost if I throw tose away. I haven’t graduate yet, but last time I counted them were about 25 euros. It’s more than I was waiting for..


Sketches #sharewithblue

the dreamer sketch

Hello there! Here I am again. This time in no pain (found the perfect painkillers) and much more relaxed since I managed to sleep for 2 days in a row. Yesterday I woke up really early ‘cause I didn’t want to lose a minute from the beautiful sunny day. I was full of energy and I ran erands all morning. You can’t imagine the satisfaction I felt after so many days of staying in the home feeling this dreadful pain. You know, when you are in pain for a lot of days you tend to believe that this state is going to last for the rest of your life. Or at least I was thinking this way. Has this ever happened to you?

Anyway. After reaching home I was still full of energy and I was feeling so creative since I had no time to spend with my nikon while I was outside. So I did something I wanted for so long. I grabed my sketchbook and my pensils and started drawing. At first I did a lot of random stuff but then I got focused and I finished the sketch you see on the image. I know I have a lot of way to go to be at least good at this. Back in the day (when I was still on school) I used to draw all the time. I love it so much! When I came in Athens although somehow I didn’t had the time needed, so no matter the urge I was feeling I stopped drawing. Few weeks ago I bought this sketch book and I am so ready to fill it with drawings of mine as I get better (practise practise and practise!!!)

If you know any good online lessons about design or illustration please let me know, it will help me a lot!!

I want to thank each of you for your likes when I posted the image on instagram. Your likes weren’t hundreds or thousands but definitely made me smile all day!!!

So to thank you I thought that it would be cool, if some of you draw too, share your art with me (by letting the link to your drawings below or on Instagram or twitter using #sharewithblue and taging me) and I will make a post here with all your art! Can’t wait to be inspired!!

Until later!xx Blue



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Hello! Yesterday I told you on twitter that today I was going to shoot a self portrait project , just to give you the chance to get to know me better! Although I said that and did that I am not quite satisfied with the results, so I have to shoot again in the week. In the meantime I thought I couldn’t leave the blog so many days without a post. So here is an image of the Sunday’s sunset. It was simply magical. Just like a painting, don’t you think?

If you have any questions for me just leave a comment below or tweet me! I will answer anything you ask on Friday!!

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Then and now

The dreamer blog NEW YEAR

Oh my.. Is it 2015 already? Time flies! I’m not sure if I was ready for 2014 to end. I certainly had to wanted to do more things. One of them is (because it remains one of my main goals) to grow my blog more and spend more time creating quality content for you!  That also means I want to improve my photography skills! You know I have so many ideas, although most of them require the guts I’m not sure I have.

Despite the blog that I wanted to do more, I have to admit that this past year was a full one. Full of happiness, sadness, smiles, anger and beloved people. I learnt myself a lot better, I understood what I want and what I don’t. I now know how to deal with people who try to ruin what I have built (yes, unfortunately this happened to me) and I know who are my true friends!

But the great lesson 2014 gave mλe and I want to share with you is that even when things are not the way you expect them, you can always make the most out of it. You see, you can learn more about yourself or you understand who is really there standing for you, but there is always a positive thing to take!

So to end my 2014 review, I really want to thank each and every one who even for a second visited my blog, scrolled down and read even one post, took some time to comment on my blog… I can never explain how greatfull I am! I know that the choices of blogs to visit are countless and still you came over mine! You make me really happy!!

Now let’s move on to the new year and my resolutions! Yeay!This year I plan to focus more on photography and on the blog. I want to become the best I can! And I will try hard, I promise you this! I already enrolled at an online course! So, in 2015 I want to be more brave, overcome myself, learn the more I can and be the best person I can  (in one year time).

And of course I hope all of us in the new year to dare, to love, to laugh, to dream, to try, to do, to care, to claim what each deserves! And don’t forget to hate and cry the less you can!

Happy new year everyone!!

P.S Stay tuned this week, I will talk to you about some projects I have been planning! #newdreams

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Impulse of the moment


If you are following me on twitter (@dreamerblogzine) you know that I’m stuck on my bed with high fever and sleepless. It so frustrating to have so SO many things to do and have the flu and being unable to do them!
But at least I can (still) get my thoughts together and write this post!
Since I was up all night and had plenty of time to spend with my phone, I was browsing on my iPhone photos and I realized how much more I love my iPhone camera shots than those I shot with my DSLR. And that got me into thinking why, and I thought it worths to share my conclusions with you!
When I first loved photography was back at the sweet age of 7 (maybe it’s because I don’t have a lot of memories from before that age…) when my oldest sister was ALWAYS with her camera ready. She convinced me somehow (and not in a negative way) that photography is about making memories immortal. But you cannot set up a moment nor a feeling. It all have to be spontaneous or, what I like more to say, an IMPULSE OF THE MOMENT!!
This is, in my opinion, why I love more my iPhone pictures! It takes a second to set a phone’s camera ready and it takes aaaaages to set a DSLR ready. So spontaneity is the key!!
What do you think? Leave a comment ’cause I really want to know your opinion about it!!

PS the photo is shot with my iPhone 4S, last Sunday while me and my man were visiting his grandparents! No edit applied!
Oh, and I have a special name for this time of the day! I like to call it the rose-gold hour!

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Good morning guys!

Really sorry for the radio silence, but there are not enough hours in the day to do all the things you have to and all of those you want to as well. But let me tell you som eof my news…

Being unemployed for the past one and a half wear and with the unemployment rate being over 25%, which means I will never find a decent job where they won’t treat me like a slave, I was trying to figure out what to do, so I’m not a burden to neither my parents nor my boyfriend. And one night, while I was kniting next to my fireplace suddenly I got it! And the big news is that I am open my own online shop to sell my hand made knits!! I am so excited! In the beginning of the next year everything is going to be ready!

Of course I am not going to stop posting here and I also have more projects here to come as well! You will very very soon find out more! So stay tuned!

PS If you have any suggestions on whether I should use Etsy or Tictail or Ebay just let me know!