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Oh my.. Is it 2015 already? Time flies! I’m not sure if I was ready for 2014 to end. I certainly had to wanted to do more things. One of them is (because it remains one of my main goals) to grow my blog more and spend more time creating quality content for you!  That also means I want to improve my photography skills! You know I have so many ideas, although most of them require the guts I’m not sure I have.

Despite the blog that I wanted to do more, I have to admit that this past year was a full one. Full of happiness, sadness, smiles, anger and beloved people. I learnt myself a lot better, I understood what I want and what I don’t. I now know how to deal with people who try to ruin what I have built (yes, unfortunately this happened to me) and I know who are my true friends!

But the great lesson 2014 gave mλe and I want to share with you is that even when things are not the way you expect them, you can always make the most out of it. You see, you can learn more about yourself or you understand who is really there standing for you, but there is always a positive thing to take!

So to end my 2014 review, I really want to thank each and every one who even for a second visited my blog, scrolled down and read even one post, took some time to comment on my blog… I can never explain how greatfull I am! I know that the choices of blogs to visit are countless and still you came over mine! You make me really happy!!

Now let’s move on to the new year and my resolutions! Yeay!This year I plan to focus more on photography and on the blog. I want to become the best I can! And I will try hard, I promise you this! I already enrolled at an online course! So, in 2015 I want to be more brave, overcome myself, learn the more I can and be the best person I can  (in one year time).

And of course I hope all of us in the new year to dare, to love, to laugh, to dream, to try, to do, to care, to claim what each deserves! And don’t forget to hate and cry the less you can!

Happy new year everyone!!

P.S Stay tuned this week, I will talk to you about some projects I have been planning! #newdreams

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