I love flowers! I prefer to see them and smell them and admire them when they are in a garden, but since I don’t have my own garden yet, I can’t say no to a bouquet of them. So, when this morning I visited the flea market in the nearest town and I saw those chrysanthemums I immediately fell in love, I couldn’t take my eyes of them and I knew I would regret it if I hadn’t bought them. So now they are in a vase making my home more beautiful!



thearcadiangirl1 thearcadiangirl2 thearcadiangirl3

Lately, I’m in a period of my life where I would love to be closer with my dearest people. Of course, this is quite difficult since I live some hundreds of miles away.

Since I can’t go visit them, for at least one month time, I’m here starring at the images from my hometown I shot the last time I was there. These in particular, are from the castle of village, where, as a child, I was spending many many afternoons playing around with my friends.

I feel so lucky to have memories like these!


Black n’ white

thearcadiangirl1 thearcadiangirl2 thearcadiangirl3 thearcadiangirl4

     As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m stuck in bed for a few days due to a medical condition. So I was wondering all this time. What can I do to be creative and productive? And then it hit me. I have a ton of images I shot during all these years I do photography, which I never published a) because I thought they suck b) because I was too lazy to edit and c) because I didn’t have a real editing program. So now that I cannot shot new images and have a lot of time -literally- and an Adobe Photography subscription -AT LAST!!!!- it’s time for me to go back, review all the photos one by one, choose the ones I feel I can do something with them, practice my editing skills and at the same time posting here, on instagram (@thearcadiangirl) and on pinterest (Stamina Scar) -btw, you should find in other social media and connect in more ways!-
     So my first few edited photos are these black and white. Who doesn’t love it after all? It’s like transfering to another time, like it’s giving this special feeling to the image. Plus it can make an image from okay interesting actually -and most of the time takes less time to edit. What can I do, I’m a pretty lazy person-.
     What do you think?


Long exposure


Lately, I’ve started enjoying photograph with long exposures. It all started when I was in my hometown, in late September, and one night I decided to wake up before sunrise the next morning and head to the beach. And, surprisingly, I did wake up at 6 o’clock and went at the beach and my only regret is not taking my Nikon with me to this trip. The result is the image above which I captured with my smartphone and uploaded on instagram and soon enough it was the most loved image in my profile, can you believe that?

So as soon as I came but in Crete I grabbed my Nikon and the rest is history. But, oh dear, There as so many places I want to photograph with long exposure. I think that I just found my passion!!




Wild beauty


     As you might already noticed if you follow me on instagram ( @thearcadiangirl ) –if you don’t, what are you waiting for? Let’s connect!!I did it!! I moved in Crete about 2 weeks ago, and gosh, it feels so great!
     When I was in Athens talking about this step was like talking for a dream of mine. Something that I want but it’s so distant, or even something is  not going to happen! But it did happen and I couldn’t be more happy about it. Having this view a 5 minute drive from my home, or having the most beautiful beach ever just 30 minutes away is paradise for me!
     The best part of course is that here I have a ton of interesting and different things to photograph, I regret every minute I don’t have my dslr with me. But, you know what? This why I bought the Oneplus X smartphone last year; to have an amazing camera to work with when I don’t have my heavy and not so comfy-to-carry dslr.

     If you want more often updates follow me on instagram @thearcadiangirl, plus if you are passionate with photography like me I would like to see your work and connect in more ways with you!

*disclaimer: not a sponsored article!


Coloring the water


      I haven’t blog a proper post for ages. Now I feel so good to finally doing it!
      Yesterday, I felt so creative, but I was not in the mood to go out and take pictures (since most of the times I do some cityscape photography). All day I wanted to do something but I didn’t know what, until I open one of the kitchen cupboards and I saw the food colors!! Then it hit me, I would use glass and water and these colors in a white background. But… I need light. So, I found a light bulb and put it on a stand. But… again… it was too bright and wasn’t lighting in the way I wanted it to. So, I took some white paper, wrapped it around the bulb and… voilà!
     So now that you know the story, let’s just take a minute and admire the beautiful shades red, blue and yellow form! You can see green, purple and some brown. I like it so much and for the first time (almost) I’m really pleased with the final result of my creativity!
Anyway, do remember, you can create so beautiful things with the things you already have in your home. The only thing you need is imagination!!

P.S.: I have a timelapse-kind-of video from this, I will try to post it soon!

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#365DaysChallenge| Week 1

The arcadian girl Day1Day 1: Reflections on my window.

the arcadian girl day 2Day 2: While walking up the mountain. What a beautiful day it is today! It is the first day with sun this week.

the arcadian girl day 3Day 3: Walking in the Athens center.

the arcadian girl day 4Day 4: Doing some sightseeing or, to be more accurate, having my coffee in front of the Ceramicus ruins in the Athens center.

the arcadian girl day 5Day 5: Sitting in the hospital waiting room is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life.

the arcadian girl day 6Day 6: A candid shot from Syntagrma square.

the arcadian girl day 7Day 7: Does the weather synchronizes with our mood or, maybe, the opposite?

     As you already know, if you follow me on instagram (@thearcadiangirl), I have started a 365 days challenge! In a few words this means that every single day for a full year I will post an image on Instagram. I have started since last Thursday, and since it’s already a week I thought to post all the 7 images here. Just to let you know that I didn’t forget the internet, haha.
     I just have a lot of things going on in my personal life right now that the time for myself is actually really limited. I would love to share with you, but there is nothing cheerful to be said. However, since I promised to myself that I won’t let anything stand between me and my passion for photography, I thought of this challenge, to be forced to work more on my skills.
I would be glad if I had you by my side, giving me feedback and shake me up every time I get a little lazy. So, follow me on Instagram @thearcadiangirl, and if you don’t use the app don’t worry, I will also post here once a week (probably every Friday) a weekly roundup!

Hopefully by the end of this challenge there will be some improvement!

     Do you think that this challenge, if I stick with it of course, will help me become a better photographer?
Have you done anything similar? Any other challenge maybe?



Athens by evening







A grimpse of Athens, but at a different area. Usually I photograph Plaka, which is my absolutely favorite neighborhood, but today I spent my afternoon in Eksarheia, a more boho and artistic part of downtown Athens.  Actually I had my coffee there with my bestie and then we started walking around and taking photos.
So, I thought it would be interesting to share with you some of the results. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my dslr with me, but my phone has a really good camera and the amazing thing is that I have the option to play with the aperture, the  shutter speed and the iso! How cool is that?
I hope you like the images. Can’t wait to read your comments.
And if you share the same passion for photography with me, don’t forget to let in the comments the link to your blog or everywhere you post your images, so I can check them out and share my opinion.