Long exposure


Lately, I’ve started enjoying photograph with long exposures. It all started when I was in my hometown, in late September, and one night I decided to wake up before sunrise the next morning and head to the beach. And, surprisingly, I did wake up at 6 o’clock and went at the beach and my only regret is not taking my Nikon with me to this trip. The result is the image above which I captured with my smartphone and uploaded on instagram and soon enough it was the most loved image in my profile, can you believe that?

So as soon as I came but in Crete I grabbed my Nikon and the rest is history. But, oh dear, There as so many places I want to photograph with long exposure. I think that I just found my passion!!




Wild beauty


     As you might already noticed if you follow me on instagram ( @thearcadiangirl ) –if you don’t, what are you waiting for? Let’s connect!!I did it!! I moved in Crete about 2 weeks ago, and gosh, it feels so great!
     When I was in Athens talking about this step was like talking for a dream of mine. Something that I want but it’s so distant, or even something is  not going to happen! But it did happen and I couldn’t be more happy about it. Having this view a 5 minute drive from my home, or having the most beautiful beach ever just 30 minutes away is paradise for me!
     The best part of course is that here I have a ton of interesting and different things to photograph, I regret every minute I don’t have my dslr with me. But, you know what? This why I bought the Oneplus X smartphone last year; to have an amazing camera to work with when I don’t have my heavy and not so comfy-to-carry dslr.

     If you want more often updates follow me on instagram @thearcadiangirl, plus if you are passionate with photography like me I would like to see your work and connect in more ways with you!

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Underwater magic



There is this beach, a 45 minutes drive from Athens, that feels like an island beach. Under some cliffs with crystal clear water. I have felt in love with it! The last time I went for a swim there I took my action camera with me, a cheap Rollei, and I went snorkeling around a bit. The first time I took an underwater view there. I was really surprised when I saw there were a lot of fish which were not scared and following me around.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t charge the battery (what a fool I am!) and these are the only images I managed to capture. They are not enough, but I hope they are good!

What do you think? Let me know!





It is raining non stop for the last three days. It supposed to be spring. Hello dear Weather.. Spring, remember?
So to fight my boredom I started to sew a skirt with an amazing fabric. If you follow me on instagram (@thedreamerblog) you can see it.
The image is from early March when I visited my family and my amazing cousin shot it for me! (Thank you Ele!!!!) If only I could be there right now!!
That’s all for now! Tomorrow I will show you my handmade skirt. Stay tuned!!


Colours of Crete| Balos

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Hello dreamers! The radio silence has come to an end. I came back from my holidays on Crete on Saturday and after visiting my family I spent all night yesterday editing photos for the blog. So prepare yourselves for a serious amount of posts! Here is the first location I visited on early August.

It is Balos on the North-west side of Crete. It is one of the most mesmerizing places I have ever been to. The view from the montain, before you walk down to the beach, it is just breathtaking (this is why I recommend visiting by car and not by one of the boats, to enjoy the view!) Although I do reccomend visiting by car you have to be aware that the walking-down-the-hill and then up-the-hill is one of the most difficult things I have ever done . But still, it definetely worths and I would definitely do it again and again.

The water is crystal clear  (as you can see from my latest post here) and it is as cold as it has to be to cool you down in the heat of the summer. I was lucky enough to visit the place early in the morning, before the crowds of tourist come and fill the place!!

Hope you enjoy the pictures and stay tuned for more!!

All photos and editing by me.



Hello again dreamers! Today I made a videofyMe account ( @bluescar) and I uploaded this video just to try it out! I recorded it some weeks ago while I was alone at the beach for my third swim of the summer! It is nothing special, just a raw video with my favorite music on (The adventures of Raindance Maggie by Red Hot Chili Peppers)!

Do you have a videofyMe account? Let’s follow each other!

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Changing colours.





Since with my Friday’s post I started my throw back to last summer and until I have time to walk around Athens with my camera for a project I am thinking for a long time, I thought it was worth it to post these pictures from a weekend in Agistri ( a small island about an hour sailing from Athens) last June where I went camping with some friends. These photos were shot while sun was setting, and I found really magnificent the colours of the sky and the sea at that time of the day.

As you may have already realise (from here, here and here and a whole lot of other posts!) I love the sun, the sea, the sky. It is hard to explain with words how I feel every time I look at the sky in the morning or during the sunset (these two are my favourite times of the day!) Or how I feel and I go get to visit my parents or spend some time in the beach with my friends. Or even how I feel during the winter when the sky is filled with clouds which are coloured in so beautiful pastels! I know, my perspective is so romantic, but I cannot help it, I live in Greece and we have a lot of sun, sea, clear blue sky or sky filled with beautiful pastel coloured clouds!! oh….


Endless blue.


This one is a picture I shot a weekend last May while I was at my hometown to visit my parents! The endless blue, the clouds, the sea, the sky. I am so in love with my country, Greece! And to tell you the truth I cannot wait for summer to come and go vacations around the aegean and ionian sea!

What are your plans about this summer? Are you going to come in Greece?