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Lately, I’m in a period of my life where I would love to be closer with my dearest people. Of course, this is quite difficult since I live some hundreds of miles away.

Since I can’t go visit them, for at least one month time, I’m here starring at the images from my hometown I shot the last time I was there. These in particular, are from the castle of village, where, as a child, I was spending many many afternoons playing around with my friends.

I feel so lucky to have memories like these!


Long exposure


Lately, I’ve started enjoying photograph with long exposures. It all started when I was in my hometown, in late September, and one night I decided to wake up before sunrise the next morning and head to the beach. And, surprisingly, I did wake up at 6 o’clock and went at the beach and my only regret is not taking my Nikon with me to this trip. The result is the image above which I captured with my smartphone and uploaded on instagram and soon enough it was the most loved image in my profile, can you believe that?

So as soon as I came but in Crete I grabbed my Nikon and the rest is history. But, oh dear, There as so many places I want to photograph with long exposure. I think that I just found my passion!!




New beginnings


Hello! New blog address, new name, new beginning!
But, first things first, happy new year to you all!! I hope this year is the best one yet.
I am sorry I didn’t post for almost two months, but life happens. Moving plans, hospitals, jobs and much more things kept me away from the internet. I only made it to post a few images on my instagram feed (username @thearcadiangirl, go follow me!) But I promise you, and I shall keep this promise, I will never leave anything to distract me from my baby blog again!
About the name and address change now. I know you are wondering yourself, why would I do something like this? Well, it is something I was thinking  for a long time, and I also attempt it once again in the past (hence the “fromarcadia” instead of “thearcadiangirl”, but I will fix that!) Since the new year came, I had this constant thoughts of changing it all, and I finally decided to do it. And, oh god, it feels so myself now.
Why am I the arcdian girl? Because I grew up in arcadia and is something that has left it’s mark on me. Arcadia is one of the most beautiful regions of Greece. Combines mountains and rivers and lakes with the sea and the beaches. If you haven’t visited toy should! So my region was the main influence for me in getting passionate with photography. So now I am the Arcadian Girl!

Will you follow along my adventures?

P.S: For more information about Arcadia visit Wikipedia!

Image by me from January 2015 (no edit).




Hello guys! Did you miss me? I just came back from a three-days trip to my hometown and I’m super excited because I found some time to snap some images around the fields I grew up at. I haven’t been there for more than five years. I mean, I do visit my parents quiet a lot, but I never walked around the fields that are full of olive trees and colors and for me are full of beautiful childhood memories.

So while I was walking around I decided to play with the light and the focus and this is the result. I am happy with it. It makes me want to go back there!

What do you think?

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the dreamer blog 2

Hello! Yesterday I told you on twitter that today I was going to shoot a self portrait project , just to give you the chance to get to know me better! Although I said that and did that I am not quite satisfied with the results, so I have to shoot again in the week. In the meantime I thought I couldn’t leave the blog so many days without a post. So here is an image of the Sunday’s sunset. It was simply magical. Just like a painting, don’t you think?

If you have any questions for me just leave a comment below or tweet me! I will answer anything you ask on Friday!!

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Two weeks ago, while the sky was still clear of clouds, I captured this picture with my phone! Obviously, my terrace has the best view in town (almost..)!
This must be the third time I post about sunsets. I just can’t help it! Love the colours, the sounds… I mean, the sunrise is nice too! It’s just the sunset reliefs you. The day comes to an end and tomorrow is a better day. No matter how great or bad was your day, the sunset means it is time to calm down, relax and wait for the better tomorrow!

Image by me.